Bindu Tantra Ireland, based in Dublin, is the home of Tantric Massage and Tantric holistic development in Ireland. We also travel to various counties around Ireland doing therapies and workshops such as Cork, Galway, Wexford.

We specialise in Tantric Massage also known as Tantra Massage. In our centre we offer Tantric Rituals, Healing and Private Tantra Tuition, Couples Tantra individual sessions. Experience a unique combination of traditional Holistic Massage Therapies entwined with the sacred art of Tantra and Tantric Massage.

Our Centre aims to enlighten by sharing the essence of Tantric and Taoist spiritual arts including the techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, also the techniques that cure many sexual dysfunctions. We specialise in the treatment of sexual abuse issues and sexual dysfunction. We are widlely regarded in this area and have recieved many refferal clients from sex councellors and sex relationship therapists

We invite Men, Women and Couples to visit and experience a blissful, healing sensual treatment by one of our fully trained Tantric Practitioners .

We are not a massage parlour, we offer genuine Tantric therapy, changing the way people view sexuality to experience sexuality in a deeper and more sacred way, a way difficult to put into words, something that can only be felt.

We can teach Tantric sexual techniques to improve peoples love lives, to help them have deeper more cherished relationships, which in turn leads to mental well being, marriages that last and children living in happy loving home environments. Sexually frustrated people are not very nice to live with. We also help women who have had children re lauch their sexual empowerment.

We teach people to enjoy and explore using their whole bodies as creative pleasure tools creating inner happiness, releasing stress, mentally balancing, emotionally balancing and releasing healthy amounts ‘happy’ endorphines.

We understand Tantra is a Spiritual Philosophy, it originated in ancient India and Tibet.

Tantra entwines the Spiritual and the Sexual, honouring and celebrating the divine magic that creates life.

Incorporating many mystical practises to bring the male and female energy into dynamic balance.

Tantra can even become a way of life, transforming every aspect of the self. Tantra benefits the body and mind in numerous ways, liberating the often untapped energy we each hold within us, enriching our creativity, stimulating the endorphines or “happy hormones” we all produce, improving our sex lives, our relationships and our entire mental and physical well being. At the Bindu Tantra Ireland it is our mission to make these practices accessible to everyone; we all have the right to these ancient Tantric tools to change our lives whether we are young, old, male, female or anything in between!