Therapy and yoga

“I was nervous going for the massage, however my experience was that Tom the massage therapist was that he was calm, confident, professional and extremely competent.  The massage for me was  a deeply healing experience and writing this a couple of weeks later the effects of it are still playing out for me, the massage worked on a healing, energetic level, I have no doubt but that it helped to shift long long blocked issues for me, in short I felt different after the massage and that difference remains.  I feel fortunate to have discovered Bindu Tantra Ireland and for having plucked up the courage within myself to avail of its services!” – Alan

“I have just returned form my first Tantra massage experience and I have to say it was fantastic.I thought I knew something of tantra but now realise I knew nothing. It was a wonderful experience and I had not expected to be so positively affected by it. The therapist was amazing and very understanding and led me through the session with great skill. I was nervous before the massage but the therapist put me at ease and I really enjoyed the first level of tantra”. – Jim

It was the most relaxing, tiring, rejuvinating, and caring session I was ever at. It also boosted my confidence greatly with regard to my body. I feel if u dont join this group u are missing a truly wonderful feel good experience. Go on join u wont be sorry ! Steve ”

This is a great way to get learn about Tantra and to get in touch with your feeling and senses in a very relaxed and comfortable group. It is enlightening, energising and relaxing, highly recommended. ” —Joe .

“I just wanted to say I got really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it. Please give my regards to Veronica, she was great and a huge help in understanding and enjoying the experience” – Brendan

Attended my first meeting on Tuesday evening. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and of being in the company of like-minded people who are sincerely interested in gaining as much from the session as possible. Exercises are very varied, well instructed, and extremely therapeutic. The environment is very conducive to allowing you to be totally relaxed, not at all inhibited by your nakedness or that of others, and overall “very comfortable in your own skin”. A truly enjoyable “Back to Nature” experience in all senses of the word. No better way to relax! Highly recommend it! Also, the facilities are spotlessly clean! ” – Michael .

“I experienced a 4 hand massage last night for the first time. This is one of the most remarkable experiences you will ever have. It was simply amazing….Amazing, enlightening, emotional, special, life changing, thank you both” – Oct 10

Tantra Therapies – Sexual Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction
I looked into Tantra because I’m a male that was abused in the past and struggles to deal with an active sex life. This has been an issue for most of my adult life and I have tried various avenues to help. Not only my sex life but my confidence being a guy. I wanted to write this testimonial to let everyone know how this can help change YOU as a person. I went to Tom’s session felling very nervous, scared and tired as have tried so many avenues in the past. Tom is a true professional that makes you feel very at ease with one’s self and helps to make you believe in YOU he talks you through every stage. I would like to say a big big thank you to Tom for helping me realise sex is normal and enjoyable and that i am a better person than what i believed.” – Anon

To whom it may concern, I wish to confirm that, to date, I have been receiving tantra massage treatments (and also special healing techniques designed to remove energy blockages from the body) from Tom for sometime now. I had embarked on the treatment with several physical and emotional problems (including shyness, irrational fears, severe physical pain and poor self confidence); these difficulties and problems have now been allieviated. After this series of tantric sessions, I feel like a different person and I have notfelt so healthy in body and mind for years. Although initially I had been spectical as regards the efficacy of tantra healing techniques, I am now a firn advocate. Tom (a practitiner of genuine tantric wisdom tradition, and who holds certificates and diplomas from the European Association of Tantra Professionals) is the best therapist in the field of massage and yoga that I have come across. His effiency, trustworthiness and general concern for the welfare of his clients are truly exemplary. I cannot recommend him highy enough. – Dr Fitzpatrick.

Tom said I was his most resistant student. I am a young man who has been experiencing erectile dysfunction for three and a half years now. I had bad sexual experiences when I was a child as another child my age was doing things that left me with unconscious negative beliefs about sex. I didn’t realise that until a girl broke my heart in my teenage years and that left me with erectile dysfunction. At the start I just thought it was because I loved her and she broke my heart but then I came to realise that with her it was just the tip of the iceberg, the problem was childhood stuff. As soon as I was experiencing lack of sexual drive and couldn’t get it up (and when I could it was never the way it used to be), I went to tons of doctors but they were left scratching their heads because blood tests and everything said I was completely fine. The main point is that I didn’t realise how resistant I was until I had to deal with that issue with Tom. You see our conscious mind blocks things out and we see only what we want to but our unconscious can’t block things out, it sees everything. So my task is to go inside myself and deal with these issues. In regards to myself, I am a very, very social outgoing man. I talk to everyone. So if you met me you would have no idea at all that I am dealing with these issues. Before I went to Tom I had tried EFT (emotional freedom technique), where you tap your energy points to remove blockages. I didn’t stay at it for that long but I didn’t really notice any changes. When I went to Tom however, with the Tantric massage, we dealt with this issue head on and that was very hard to do. When he started his massage, I was very, very resistant to it and we battled hard. To be honest, it’s one of the hardest things I had to go through. Tom explained to me that I had a lot of unconscious anger built up and that I needed to feel that emotion and let it out. It was incredibly hard to face. I have a girlfriend and everytime I have sex with her, I take tablets that increase sex drive and potency. Tom tells me I have to stop taking them because I will never be cured if I don’t. He said it gives my mind an excuse to have an erection. Everytime after Tom though I go to a hotel with my girlfriend (she doesn’t know about my issue) and I perform amazingly without tablets at all (much better than I ever have with tablets). As I said I have been to Tom four times but because I am his most resistant client, there is a lot of work to be done. Tom’s dedication in his work is huge, his sole goal is to get me cured and he puts in huge persistence during the session. After every session I can see the lasting improvement as my negative sexual energy decreases and my natural sexual energy restores.

Workshops and Retreats

Despite being involved  with Tantra for nearly 16 months I arrived in Avila not knowing what to expect. I spent a week with over 40 other guys and 5 amazing instructors, in a very calm n peaceful setting. ( Theres 2 other guys I feel need to be thanked,,,,,,,Gustavo and Johnny..for running around after us, going to the shops for us, the food, making me tea !…for always being so smiley and friendly. )

After a week there I still have yet  not thought it all through. Each minute of every day brought something new to me, and now that I’m home I’m still realizing things I hadn’t copped over there.

I learned so much about myself , that Id either forgotten or never even knew,  so much about life and other people, I call only describe it as a life-changing trip.  Learning more about Tantra was great , the buzz I got from giving massages to other guys blew my mind..I couldn’t believe that I had it in  me to give them such an ecstatic experience. The lads I met were great fun. I have no words to describe the thanks I owe to the instructors. They all helped me reach deep down into myself , to  admit and face issues that had bothered me, knowingly and otherwise, and discard them, and  to show me what true happiness is, It was truly one of the best weeks of my life.  I want to go back  Vince .

This tantric week was like an earthquake in my live, everything has been changed, I don´t know how to focus the energy, I feel like stand by waiting for the right moment to walk, I am affraid of the possibility of forget all this and continue with my old life. One more time: thanks for everything, for giving me a new life and discover again the power of my smile! The best week ever, waiting for agust 2011, because of the experience and the diet – Jorge

This is a professional, instructive, caring and safe activity. It offers an insight into how you presently approach your life and those within it, giving you an opportunity, if you take it, to learn how you might do things differently. This is a real personal growth experience in so many different ways, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. –

I had a brilliant workshop and found it profound, sensual, sexual, safe, and at times hilarius. Met a bunch of lovely lads and look forward to the practice rounds. Highly recommendable for anyone with an interest in Tantra and deeply healing and redeaming the power of (male) sexuality –

Bindu works with sexual energy for healing of old wounds which can only be truly healed by addressing the energy behind the injury. –

It was great all round, the people it attracts are brilliant and the atmosphere is very professional, relaxed and friendly. Tom has the Magic Hands!It was very well run and I got loads out of it. Tony –

This course has an amazing way of getting you out of your mind and back into your body. It helped me see myself in a more loving way and to know that I do count and I am just as important a person as anyone else. –

The nervousness and apprehension were soon overcome on entering the beautifully laid out space and on initial meeting with Tom. The course format is well thought through and it is run in a sensitive and professional manner. Nakedness with others for the duration of the weekend proved not to be an obstacle. The facilities are excellent and there is lovely warm feeling on entering the building. –

I did not know wat would happen, new nothing about yoga and tantra,and thought that the business-likeness,kindness and pedagogical skills of the instructor were what made it for me. The confidentiality element was also a very important element, which, emphasised from the outset and reiterated at the end of the workshop, furthered the sense of a safe space in which you can explore freely what you are about when you put yourself out of your comfort zone. I would have no problem in saying this was an important threshold in my personal development,which I enjoyed crossing, with the help of a human, kind and professional person. For this reason, as a neophyte, I would see (witout understanding, really) how these types of courses would be of ultimate benefit to men or women, singles or couples of any combination, at different stages of their personal and sexual journeys. Thank you. –

Thank you Tom. Had a brilliant time working on sacred sexuality in a sacred space. I have to complement you on your knowledge and expertise in this area and for making it non technical and utterly practical.…