Benifits of Tantra


The common belief about Tantra massage is its sexual nature. However, this kind of massage aims not at sexual gratification, but at achieving personal growth through pleasurable activities. The basic concept of this massage is to soothe the emotional scars, stimulate healing and elevate the receiver to a higher spiritual realm through sensual acts.

Tantra Massage: The Goals
There are several goals of Tantra massage, some of which are:

1.To waken the kundalini, which is a form of energy that remains dormant at the base of the spinal cord until activated. The kundalini enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.
2.To activate the chakra located on the spine. The chakra or the wheel is the center of energy in the body. There are seven principal chakras along the spine, starting from the base of the spine and ending in the head. By energizing these chakras, one can achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Tantra Massage: General Benefits
There are many benefits of undergoing Tantra massage. Massage is a way of interacting with the body. When the body is touched at the sensitive spots, changes occur not just physically but also emotionally and psychologically. The following are some benefits of this massage:
1.Increases the production of WBCs and antibodies. This increases the body’s immunity towards diseases and also enhances resistance against other environmental changes.
2.Strengthens the seven ingredients that make up the human body. This strengthening increases tolerance and forbearance, a real boon in times of anxiety.

The most powerful hormones in the human body are in the sexual glands. Think for a moment  – what are the sex hormones? … … It is clear, that the  gonads sex have three layers. The first layer has cells that allow us to live, and these cells are active especially during the first seven years of childhood. Later, during the seven to fourteen years, the gonads come into the second phase of activity affecting the ovaries and testicals, which defines our sex.  

Much later, during the fourteen to twenty-one year period, the body produces abundant sex cells.  In the  case of the male, for example: the espervitosoides  occur in the testicals, which is conducted by the epididymis, throught the  spermatic cord deposited into the seminal vesicles up to the prostate. 

It is interesting to know that when these espervitosoides are going up through the spermatic cord, they are electrified, as evidenced by the Psicotrónica and Electrophysiology.  They are carrying a large amount of electrical energy and travel  up to the seminal vesicles in which they are purified to become sperm and which are already electrified and are more magnified.

Here they are purified completely, become radioactive, electromagnetic, and  are transformed into energy, especially when working with the key to Suprasexualidad: “

Connecting the male organ with the female body without ejaculating the” Ens Seminis’ nor the woman get to orgasm. Then comes the energy to riseup cordons around nerve, called in the East  Ida and Pingala, and then the cells are broken down into sex hormones. 

The sexual force and this hormonal process can rejuvenate by passing through the membranes, entering the bloodstream and stimulating, to activate the glands of internal secretion.  This then helps them work with extraordinary intensity and then, continuing their upward course until reaching the brain, where  it goes to areas of the brain that no longer work and are degenerate.

Here the sexual force comes to energize all the brain cells and put into action certain powers latent in man. Unfortunately, most people waste this energy, by ejaculating.  In such circumstances, the brain degenerates significantly by the lack of supply of these hormones, and the ability to regenerate is lost.

 This sex energy is one of the factors that involve “mitosis”, which consists of cell division with the aim of gestation in humans or animals. The presence of the creative energy that makes the original cell divide in two, that the two be divided into four, four into eight, and so on.  Thus forming tissues, organs and limbs, this is the process of gestation of the creatures within the womb. If we take this to the field of Sexual Transmutation, sex hormones, active in the blood, laden with electricity and magnetism, occur in the adult human body, the processes of mitosis, “that is, new cell divisions, training new tissues, and so on. It’s as well as from a biological point of view, is achieved by the complete regeneration or rejuvenation of the human body.