Sexual Dysfunction Therapy Couple


The human body at the biological-sexual, psychological and psycho-sexually emotional level, comes to develop various kinds of symptoms that are not only a natural part of the degenerative process, but involve several factors. Where sexology, psychology and allopathic medicine ends Tantra begins.

1. Disorders of sexual desire or anafrodisia maybe be due to a low level of normal production of estrogen in women or testosterone in men. Other causes may be the age, fatigue, pregnancy, medication. Like psychiatric illness, depression and / or anxiety.

2. Sexual arousal disorder, previously known as “impotence” in men and “frigidity” in women, although far less critical terms are used: for example, in men, it is often referred to as  erectile dysfunction.  These disorders are manifested as aversion or avoidance of sexual contact with the partner. There may be reasons for these problems, including insufficient blood flow or lack of vaginal lubrication. Chronic diseases also contribute, as well as the nature of the relationship between the parties.

3. Orgasmic disorder, as the persistent delay or absence of orgasm, within a normal phase of sexual arousal. These disorders occur in men as in women. Again, the SSRI antidepressants are frequent culprits.

4. Sexual pain disorders, which affect almost exclusively women and are known as dyspareunia (painful sexual exchange), vaginismus (involuntary spasms of the muscles of the vaginal wall to deny or prevent intercourse),  this can also occur to a man in his anal cavity.

5. Diverse. Anorgasmia, paraphilias, asexual, sexual aversion, sexual dissatisfaction and nymphomania (male and female).

6. Premature Ejaculation. is a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like him to. Premature ejaculation is also known as rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, or early ejaculation.  Most men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lives. PE affects 25%-40% of men.

7. Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, can affect a man at any age. However, it is becomes increasingly common as men grow older. This condition can now be treated with drugs. However, these drugs are expensive and are contraindicated for some men. Tantra offers a totally natural approach that can help make erections stronger and last longer. Integrating Tantra into your life can improve ED while at the same time benefiting every aspect of your life.
Tantra helps you to become aware of your energy body, which extends beyond the physical body. There are seven energy centers in the body called chakras. They are located in the area of the genitals, lower belly, below the diaphragm, the heart, the throat, just above and between the eye brows and near the top of the head. With practice you can learn to move ecstatic energy through your chakras. Eventually, you can discover how to share this experience with another person and experience orgasmic energy with or without an erection.

The cost of therapies will depend on the therapy that we can find for your problem, we meet to discuss the options then tell you if and how we can help. Sometimes it does not require a second visit, or if we cannot help you we can recommend other therapist that may be able to help.

Tantra and Sexual Abuse issues

Our spiritual self has the ability to come and go from our body at will. There have been many documented cases of people in life-threatening situations, in unconscious states, having memories of watching medical personnel working on their bodies from a bird’s eye view. Apparently, their spiritual self had left their body and was floating above, watching the scene below. Many survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse have memories of watching their bodies being abused from someplace on their ceiling.

The body contains the physical experience of the abuse. This physical experience is stored in the Chakra System. When there is repeated abuse over a period of time, the spirit may choose to simply not return to the body, or return only as far as the head, because it would then become aware of the pain stored in the Chakra System. This experience of living our life while our spiritual self is not totally in our body is known as not being grounded.
If we are partially or totally not in our body, or not grounded, we may have experiences of driving somewhere and not remembering the trip. We may have little sense of our physical body, how it feels, its weight, etc. We may tend to express ourselves intellectually more often than emotionally. This could be viewed as living in the head instead of the heart. People who live in their heads only have their heads to help them figure out the world. They are very attached to being able to analyze everything. They do not pay attention to feelings because they are not in touch with them. Feelings are stored below the head in the rest of the Chakra System.

Common Chakra Blockages
When too many unresolved emotions or memories are stored in a chakra, it becomes blocked. Some common reasons for blockages to chakras as a result of Childhood Sexual Abuse are as follows:

  • Crown – There are two possible reasons: We are angry at God for not rescuing us, or we never want to return to our body to feel the memories of the physical experience.
  • Third Eye – Our psychic abilities allowed us to pick up the feelings and thoughts of our abuser during the abuse.
  • Throat – We were ordered to never tell about the abuse.
  • Heart – It broke our heart to have someone we trusted and loved abuse us.
  • Solar Plexus – The power-over nature of abuse results in our personal boundaries being forcibly knocked down, leaving us feeling powerless and victimized.
  • Sacral – The sexual nature of the abuse, plus feeling you had to hide your feelings about the abuse, caused us to shut this down.
  • Root – You lived in a constant state of survival, plotting how best to avoid further abuse, working out how to survive the actual abuse.

Often, the spiritual self will feel safe to return to the body only up until the point it reaches the first chakra containing memories of the physical experience of the abuse. For example, if we find we have a sense of our body from the top of our head to our chin only, chances are that the first blocked chakra is at the throat, like when we were ordered not to tell anyone.

A tantra therapy can help remove these blockages and help people get comfortable with their bodies and see sexual experiences as pleasurable.